Dog owner fined £2,500 for assault and failing to control pet on 鶹 beach


A DOG owner whose pet frightened a small child – and who then barged into the youngster’s father, knocking him to the ground – has been fined £2,500.

David Foley (61) and the victim were walking their dogs on Ouaisné beach in St Brelade at 10.30am on 1 April when Foley’s dog – a large golden retriever and husky cross – stopped and sniffed the victim’s dog, but then began growling and bearing its teeth.

The child became frightened and the father put out his leg to keep the two animals apart.

They carried on walking, but Foley then came after the man and accused him of kicking his dog.

“He didn’t stop coming and barged into the victim, and knocked him to the ground. He fell on his right arm.

“The child was visibly traumatised and in tears.”

In the Magistrate’s Court, Foley admitted assault and failing to control a dog and told the court: “I’m dumbfounded by my actions.”

Relief Magistrate David Le Cornu fined him £1,000 for the assault and £1,500 for failing to control the dog.

He told Foley: “Make sure you keep the dog under control in future. I hope we don’t see you here again.”

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